Owner Bio & Business History

I am Christine Van Noord (Vogel). I was born and raised in Placerville, CA. I have resided in El Dorado County my entire life graduating from El Dorado High School, graduating in 1998. I am a self-made, independent women business owner.

I started my Vehicle Registration Processing career at Bar None Auction in 1999 and continued to grow my knowledge with them through 2012. Needless to say, I’ve processed thousands of titles over the years.

Bar None Auction is also where I met my husband. We have two amazing boys. In 2009, our eldest son was diagnosed with autism, and our world was flipped upside down. Bar None Auction was very patient and accepting of all of the new changes that were placed in front of me allowing me to move forward with what needed to be done by me as a mother. I eventually needed to resign from Bar None Auction as a full-time employee in 2012 only returning to work on auction days.

From 2012 to 2018 I dove in to learning what autism is and where it stems from. I did everything any mother would do in order to provide the best life for my eldest son.
When 2018 rolled around it was time to do something for myself. With my eldest growing and attending school and youngest striving as well, it was time, open a registration service center. My brother-in-law and husband convinced me to open a vehicle registration service center. My brother-in-law being the owner of Extreme Towing, gave me a space in his office to preform vehicle registration services so there were no excuses for not moving forward in starting my business.

I wasn’t sure it would be successful but to my surprise it took off quickly. I couldn’t comprehend it, but finding another purpose in life felt amazing: helping others!
I want customers to feel at home and more like they are visiting a friend when they come in. I want you to understand the vehicle registration process and ask questions so that you may be able to do these things yourself; unless of course you want to continue to use my services, which is always welcome!
I enjoy meeting new people and being helpful to others. I believe that is my calling.

Christine Van Noord